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locationIt is a city in the south of Spain, in the autonomous region of Andalusia, a short distance from the African continent.

Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and 40 minutes from its tropical coast.




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Granada enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool winters. Foggy and windy days are rare. The most frequent rainfall is in March, April and November. Its average annual temperature is 19ºC. In the month of September you can normally enjoy pleasant summer and warm autumn temperatures (25 / 30ºC) and, therefore, it is one of the most recommendable months to visit our city.






Its situation at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Granada plain convert its landscape into a variety of colours that change according to the season. In winter the Sierra gives us its spectacular snow-covered image, which blends into the most beautiful sight in our city, the Alhambra. The countryside offers us a varied palette of colours, with a predominance of the grey-green of its olives and the intense green of its tropical crops such as the chirimoya (custard apple) or the avocado, but also its tobacco crops, its poplars, the white of the almond flower and the yellow of its wheat and barley fields that appear every year in the summer. Special mention should be made of the landscape of the cave houses and prehistoric settlements in the region of Baza and Guadix.




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Granada possesses a large number of monuments boasting various architectural and artistic styles that define the character of the city.  The city has served as a meeting point for different cultures, which is reflected in its magnificent cultural and architectural heritage. The Alhambra occupies a privileged position within this heritage and numbers amongst Spain's most popular monuments in terms of visits. The Alhambra and the old Moorish quarter known as the Albaycín have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Alhambra, the Generalife, the Carlos V Palace, the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel, the Albaicín, Sacromonte, the Cartuja Monastery, the Madrasah, etc. are a good example of its history, but also its more recent buildings such as the Federico García Lorca House-Museum, the Science Park and the Memory of Andalusia Museum are part of the heritage that is most appreciated by locals and visitors.

The University of Granada has a very important presence, bestowing on it the title of university city, attended by students from all around Spain, something that helps to explain why it occupies third place for the number of students amongst Spanish universities. It is also the university that takes in the highest number of Erasmus students at European level.




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With an Arabic influence, based on excellent raw ingredients. It offers traditional dishes such as broad beans and serrano ham, cardoons, remojón (orange and cod salad) and gazpacho, and the piononos of Santa Fe, to name a few. All accompanied by the succulent bread from Alfacar.


Six products are recognised with a Designation of Origin or Quality: the olive oils from the Mountains and the West, the green asparagus from Huétor Tájar, the honey, the serrano ham from Trevélez and the custard apple from the Tropical Coast.


In Riofrío you can find Spain's only production of beluga-quality caviar, and the Tropical Coast guarantees good fish and seafood.




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Without doubt, the most prized value of Granada is its people. We granadinos are spontaneous, friendly and obliging, with a very special touch of humour. We like the being outside and enjoying life. Intercultural coexistence is our speciality, and we happily and generously receive all visitors, offering them our sincere friendship.













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